We at Graphics on Shirts Limited do not believe in forcing or coercing anyone into purchasing Fair Trade.


We understand completely that sometimes it just isn't possible to afford or find what you require from an ethical supplier.


We are however committed to putting these options forefront and intend to gradually have ethically responsible options for as many product ranges as possible.

Organic T Shirt Printing
Fair Trade T Shirt Printing
Orangic Cotton Bags
Organic Fairtrade Apron Printing

Organic Cotton Printing

Purchasing Ethically does not have to cost the earth.


Using Organic Cotton may restrict options, however is not always as expensive as it is made out to be.


AS Colour and Freeset both supply organic cotton T-Shirts, whilst Freeset also make Organic Cotton Aprons and Organic Cotton Tea Towels.



Fair Trade Printing


There are less Fair Trade T-Shirt options, particularly where the supply all the way back to the farms has been confirmed to adhere to the expected ethical  labour conditions.


In this regard Freeset is the only truly Fair Trade supplier we use, they were setup specifically to save women from trafficking and give them an alternative. They product Fair Trade Aprons and Tees. We recommend checking out their website to see more of their story.


In addition to this AS Colour scored well in the recent Baptist report and have their factories audited by WRAP. They score points with us by not claiming to be Fair Trade whilst their policies and scoring suggest they are certainly fairer trade.


If you are interested in buying more ethically, but do not have the budget or require something Freeset do not offer we would suggest AS Colour.

Fairtrade, Fair Trade, Fairly Traded, Fair Labor Association.


These are not all the same thing.


Fair Trade is the social movement towards ethical production and trading.


Fairtrade International,  The World Fair Trade Organisation and Fair Trade USA are three large bodies or networks who have a series of checks in place to ensure members adhere to Fair Trade ideals.


The Fair Labour Association is another large organisation that does great work, it is unfortunately partially funded by the very companies it is overseeing which does hurt its standing in some circles.


If a company is not registered with an organisation they could conceivably still use Fair Trade or Fairly Traded in documentation but have no checks or balances to ensure they are adhering to any of the principles.

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